SuMmEr fUn

The challenge this week on FCCB is melon time!  Use a melon or a fruit on your project.  Here is my project. 

I used the vine from Zoobaloo,  The sun from Lifes a beach, the clouds and squares from Winnie the pooh, the watermelons are from gypsy wanderings.

 Summer is stamped with black ink that didn't work right, the M and the m were not stamped all the way.  So I took my stickles and went over all the letters with them.  It made a really nice effect since part of the black was missing.  It kind of made it look like it was fading in and out.  And kind of wish I would have done it on some more of the letters!  :)

Same effect on the word fun, but it doesn't show up as well in the pic as it does on summer. 

Now go link up your melon project at FCCB 


Kickin' it at the lake

This weeks challenge at FCCB is an outdoor fun theme.  I choose to make a scrapbook page for the times we spend at the lake(s)!  We have 4 within 10 minutes of our house, 2 of them are private, but we know some people!  ;)   So we tend to cool off in the lakes,  sometimes we cool of in the Hood Canal (also 10 minutes from our home)  But the saltwater is more itchy and COLD!!!  So we like the lakes mo' betta.
 Here is my project.  (the white paper will be removed and pictures will be placed in those spots.)

BAHAHAHAHAHHA I kept looking at this thinking it looks so much like kitchen it at the lake or chicken it at the lake.  Why, why, why?  LOL I just realized it is supposed to be k-i-c-k-I-n'  So evidently my gypsy needs spell check on it.  Cause I am a HORRIBLE speller.  LOL  I guess I will be fixing this ASAP!  LOL  I crack myself up.  So just imagine that I can spell and then look at the page.  :)  Now that I think about it a bit more, I might just leave it to give myself a laugh whenever I look at it.

I was going to use the lake from camping critters and cut out all those trees and the dock and have them at the bottom of my paper.  Then I found this paper as I was looking for another one and it was PERFECT!  So I cut out the dock from Camping critters and used it but not any of the other cuts.

I used a child's year for the little girls.  I have four girls, so I really should have made 4 but it seemed kinda crowded on the gypsy, so I only made two.  I cut the legs off of the one in the water to make it seem like they were under the water.

Kickin' it is from printing press and at the LAKE!!! it from hello kitty font. (rounded)

I just used some markers and my own yucky handwritting to journal this.  It looks okay.  I just really like OTHER people's handwriting.   Oh well I tried.   My kids will know that I wrote it.  ;)