Anouncement, Anouncement, Anounce-ment.

Back when I was a teenager... I know, a while ago I would go to girls camp put on by my church.   Everytime they would announce something they would sing anouncements, anouncements, announce-ments.  With a note lower the last half of the last word.  

Ok so I hear it in my head.

 Although most of you have NO idea what on EARTH I am talking about.  The point is,  I have something to announce!  A couple of weeks ago I applied for a DT (design team) spot on the FCCB (fantabulous cricut challenge blog).  Notice the lovely wall decor?  I made it!  I was accepted and I can't wait to get started!  I am looking forward to working with the other ladies!
wall decor over there!  In case you missed it! tee hee


A little somethin' somethin'

 Cute right?  They are little bears!  I fell in love with them.  This is such a cute pattern.  I changed the pattern slightly by adding some elastic covered in felt. 

Instead of sewing on the nose and ears, I hot glued them on.  The eyes and mouth were sewn on. 

 These are my new favorite!  I think I will have to make a bigger pair for girl #4.

 The fabric is a small cordoroy fabric and felt.

Of course I made the box too.  I just used my gypsy and george.  I save all the plastic around the cartridges I buy and then cut it for projects like this.  I just glued the plastic in.  I made the box a bit too big, but that is fine.  I still like it.  I was going to "pretty" up the box, but decided not to, mostly because I wanted to put the box in a bag with some other items and didn't want it to get ruined.  But my ideas will be posted on the next pair I make!  :)


Sneak preview of a little somethin' somethin'

What is this?  What could it be?  A little somethin' somethin' I made for my friends baby!  She is having a baby shower on Saturday and I am ready to give it to her.  I so want to see... well if I say that it will give away the surprise!  Don't worry I will let you all see soon. 

I had a ton of fun making this gift and the... well that would give it away too!  Any guesses?


Summer wind

A couple of my scrapbook pages.  I made these for the FCCB.  I call them Summer wind.  It was such a windy cold day on the Oregon coast.  You can never tell if it will be warm.  Even at the end of July! 
But I love summer and the beach!  

The one below says at the beach.   It didn't show up too well in the
pic.   But it looks great in person.  I inked around all the edges of all
the cuts.  It was a fun layout to make!

I used the life's a beach cartridge and the gypsy font for the title.

I like that the two base pages don't match.  Sometimes I think I am a little too matchy matchy.  I think this kind of breaks up the layout to showcase each side a little better sometimes.  


More Dancers

So I made a couple more ballet dancers from the cartridge twinkle toes.  They are all 11.25 inches tall.  Here is the bear ballerina.

This is a mouse dancer. 

This is the star of the show! 

This is a closer pic of the ballerina bear.  I used the same idea as yesterdays post.  You can see that here.  This one I used the darker catseye ink to make a more texture on her.  I also decided to use the face that is originally on the cartridge.   I used the gypsy to take the face off my pink dancer.

Lovin' the bling on this one.  It reminds me of those shows when a really handsome man smiles and his teeth sparkle.  Love it.   This is all the girls fav.  A sweet little mouse.  Not sure why shoes were not included for her, but I like her without them anyway!  I used a little of the tulle on her bow, under the sparkly.

I didn't include a closer pic of the girl, because she was yesterday's post.  This says star.  I hid the dance above the flourish on the gypsy, because I wanted the flourishes to match on all the different signs.  I cut out the plaques then covered them with fabric, then I took some vinyl and cut the flourish and the words.

This one says dance. 

 Ballerina, so cute!  This is my favorite.  You can see the tulle on the bow better in this picture.  It looks really good in person if I do say so myself.  And I will.  It looks really good in person.  There I said it! 

I have them hanging on the wall in #2 and #3's room.  Yes I number my children.  They are girl #1 girl #2 girl #3 girl #4.  I have the first three trained to answer, but the fourth one is a bit young still.  I want her to know her real name.  You know for sure, before I throw a number in to confuse her!    I really want to see any ideas you come up with using fabric and cardboard.   You don't need a cricut.  I was thinking it would be so cute to make letters out of cardboard and cover them in fabric.  You could do the alphabet, your childs name, flowers, sports equipment, the sky is the limit, why you could even do the sky if you wanted to!  But whatever you do I wanna see!



Cute little wall decoration I made Thursday.  Thursday was a good day, a day full of things that are expected.  Friday was not one of those days.  Thursday I helped a friend, made this doll and had a nice easy time with the kids.  I even went and played floor hockey with some friends.  I like days like that.  Friday held many more nasty surprises.  Like finding Puke (yes that needs a capital letter as it morphed into something alive and that was it's name)  all over the 18 months old bed, sheets, pillow, hair, and poo all over her PJ's. (How does a child make no noise, and then fall asleep in their puke again?)  Of course I was loving the fact that she was sleeping in, so I waited to go get her until the last minute before I had to take the oldest to the bus at the local school to take her to her class 45 minutes away.  I got in there and smelled the nasty before seeing it.  UGGG.  Of course all I had time for was a quick rub down with wipes, a change of the diaper and new PJ's.  Then off to drop the other kids on their different buses.   I came home, fed the littlest one and she ate just fine, no signs of being sick.  After I fed her she and the 4 year old were watching a movie so I went upstairs to clean up the nasty.  I came down after pulling the sheets off to find the 18 month old EATING OUT OF THE GARBAGE! 


 So I quickly pulled her out, scrubbed out the sheets and threw them in the wash and proceeded to take the littlest one up to the bathtub.  While I was filling up the tub, I turned to check on her and she was playing in the toilet... That one of her older sisters DIDN'T FLUSH.  I just about puked at this point, there really is only so much nasty a person can take in less than an hour. 
The weekend came and with it came more yuckiness. 
The four year old was sick on Sunday.
The seven year old was sick on Monday.
I am not going to lie, I am glad the weekend is over!   I will focus on Thursday, beautiful wonderful Thursday.  Tuesday was good too.  Thursday and Tuesday are my new favorite days of the week.  

All right on to the project.  Here is a pic of the supplies I used.  An old box, two pieces of cardstock, corker ribbon, satin type fabric, tulle, some pink ribbon and spray adhesive.   I plan on using this technique on some of the other cuts from twinkle toes, as I think it turned out REALLY cute! 

 I used the little dancer from the cricut cartridge twinkle toes, but you can use this with any of the cuts, or any you come up with as well.   I cut one doll at 11.25 out of the pizza box, and one out of brown cardstock.  Then I did the skin layer out of flesh colored cardstock.

I then cut out the skirt layer at 11.25 and used spray adhesive on the front and a glue gun on the back.  I just cut small slits in the fabric to bend it around the cardboard.  I have the letters side down because you could see through the fabric.  Keep this in mind as you cut things out, because sometimes you can't just flip a layer over, because it won't match up.

Here is the front side after.
 I then cut a strip of tulle twice as long as the skirt and folded it and glued it down.  I just folded both ends over to the back.

I did the same thing to the shirt, and then added a piece of pink ribbon over the top of the skirt to hide the top of the folds.

for the slippers I used the same technique as above.  I cut the cardboard so the ribbon could be added.  Then I took the ribbon and made it look to be wrapped around her legs.

 This is a close up of the shoes.  So cute!

I took the corker bow apart and used three on each side.  Then I put a little bling inside.  I then used my colorbox catseye brown to color the hair.  I just used the side of it.  I inked around all the edges and the buns darker, with a part and some strands.

 I then drew a face with a pencil and then when I liked it I traced around my drawing with a sharpie.   After I took the picture I noticed one of her shoes was coming apart so I fixed that, just ignore that part.  K? 

I am going to make a bear dancing, and a mouse, one in purple and one in yellow, then I can hang them up in the girls bedroom.  I will have to take a picture when it is done! 


Ok I guess it's not true...

Okay, I didn't mean to lie with the name of my blog.  "Just Jenae"  it is not going to be just me.

 My niece and I thought it would be fun if she had Tuesday as her day as my guest!  She will be doing hair tutorials, and random crafts and things like that.  She is WAY talented at hair styles.    Good thing  she has two little sisters, and my 4 girls to show off her awesome styles.   Sounds like she will start off with some basic tips, and get more complex in later posts.  I am excited to learn some of the really cool things she has done!  Just scroll down to see her first post.

How to Curl Hair with a Flat Iron

Hey Everyone!
My name is Emily, and I am Jenae's guest.
Today I will be doing a hair tutorial.
It is basic - how to curl with a flat iron.
The reason I am doing this is because in the future, when I do more advanced tutorials, this is a basic skill that will need to be mastered.
I hope you enjoy!

Continue doing steps 7-13 until the entire head of hair is curled.
If you have any questions, please ask.
Also, leave suggestions about what you would like to see in the future.
Thank you!

[; Sorry about the small-ish pictures, if you need to make it larger, please click on it ;]


Love bugs!

 I made these little packs with the create a critter love bug,

Love the Cricut!  I made over 60 of these little guys, it was fun!  The bags are 4x5 inch bags I got at JoAnn's you get 100 in a pack for something like 3 dollars.  Not too shabby!   I really felt like I was stealing at Rite Aid where I got the candy hearts.  1 dollar for 8.  Nice!   Happy Valentines Day everyone. 


sweet cheeks

I decided to enter this into My pink stampers challenge.  It was kinda a vague challenge, valentine, spring just something that makes you happy.

I love these pages.  They just make me so happy.  Look at these happy faces, and happy colors and happy ice cream cones!    Happy, happy, happy! 

Here is the second page of the layout.  Love those cheeks!!!

Here is an ice cream cone up close.  I used the argyle cuttlebug folder for the cone, and Indie Art for the cut.  I used pink stickles on the accents.

This one is from Once Upon a Princess.  Stickles are the "frosting"  :)

hemming a shirt

 My friend called me the other day and asked if I would help her fix some shirts.  She hadn't sewn anything before so I said "SURE!"  I love to help people learn new things!  She had bought this as a dress, but it was too short for her so she cut it then wanted to hem it up.  She didn't know how, so she came over yesterday and we had a short lesson.  She is so funny.  She considers herself pretty crafty, but she says "sewing is like taking crafting to the next level.  It is like serious crafting, like you are doing something that the pioneers did."  This made me laugh and I told her THAT is going in my blogpost.  She is great! 
 This is the raw edge.  So pretty right?
 I have a serger, so she got a lesson on that too.  She did so good!  Here is a picture of her folding up the edge, finishing the hem.   She has the straight stitch down, and she knows how to use a sewing machine now.  It really isn't hard.  The best advice I got when I was learning was to start a project knowing you will have to pick it out at some point.  That way you don't get so frustrated when you do, and you are so happy when you don't!
AHHH so much better!  :)  Thanks for the fun time! 

Anyone can sew.  If it intimidates you just have a "daring" spirit and go for it!  the worst that will happen is that you have to pick out your stitches.  It really isn't a big deal.  Just listen to some music, and pick, pick, pick.  I do it all the time...  :)

OH and to my friend, how was it rubbing elbows with the pioneers?  Tehehe