A little somethin' somethin'

 Cute right?  They are little bears!  I fell in love with them.  This is such a cute pattern.  I changed the pattern slightly by adding some elastic covered in felt. 

Instead of sewing on the nose and ears, I hot glued them on.  The eyes and mouth were sewn on. 

 These are my new favorite!  I think I will have to make a bigger pair for girl #4.

 The fabric is a small cordoroy fabric and felt.

Of course I made the box too.  I just used my gypsy and george.  I save all the plastic around the cartridges I buy and then cut it for projects like this.  I just glued the plastic in.  I made the box a bit too big, but that is fine.  I still like it.  I was going to "pretty" up the box, but decided not to, mostly because I wanted to put the box in a bag with some other items and didn't want it to get ruined.  But my ideas will be posted on the next pair I make!  :)

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  1. Oh my Goodness!! I love these!! They are adorable!!

    Congrats on making the FCCB DT!! Looking forward to working with you!!