More Dancers

So I made a couple more ballet dancers from the cartridge twinkle toes.  They are all 11.25 inches tall.  Here is the bear ballerina.

This is a mouse dancer. 

This is the star of the show! 

This is a closer pic of the ballerina bear.  I used the same idea as yesterdays post.  You can see that here.  This one I used the darker catseye ink to make a more texture on her.  I also decided to use the face that is originally on the cartridge.   I used the gypsy to take the face off my pink dancer.

Lovin' the bling on this one.  It reminds me of those shows when a really handsome man smiles and his teeth sparkle.  Love it.   This is all the girls fav.  A sweet little mouse.  Not sure why shoes were not included for her, but I like her without them anyway!  I used a little of the tulle on her bow, under the sparkly.

I didn't include a closer pic of the girl, because she was yesterday's post.  This says star.  I hid the dance above the flourish on the gypsy, because I wanted the flourishes to match on all the different signs.  I cut out the plaques then covered them with fabric, then I took some vinyl and cut the flourish and the words.

This one says dance. 

 Ballerina, so cute!  This is my favorite.  You can see the tulle on the bow better in this picture.  It looks really good in person if I do say so myself.  And I will.  It looks really good in person.  There I said it! 

I have them hanging on the wall in #2 and #3's room.  Yes I number my children.  They are girl #1 girl #2 girl #3 girl #4.  I have the first three trained to answer, but the fourth one is a bit young still.  I want her to know her real name.  You know for sure, before I throw a number in to confuse her!    I really want to see any ideas you come up with using fabric and cardboard.   You don't need a cricut.  I was thinking it would be so cute to make letters out of cardboard and cover them in fabric.  You could do the alphabet, your childs name, flowers, sports equipment, the sky is the limit, why you could even do the sky if you wanted to!  But whatever you do I wanna see!


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