Remember this

So today's challenge at FCCB was a little bit of an emotional one!  It is Remember this and we were challenged to remember a person, time or anniversary.  Well I guess I could have chosen to remember the Disneyland trip, or our time in Washington DC, or Legoland.  But I decided to remember something a LOT better.  My Grandpa.  He was a FANTASTIC man.  I remember a lot more than I had room for on this one little project. 

Here is a list of stuff that didn't make it onto the project.  NOT because of importance, more because of the lack of tie-tacks for the occasion!

1.  He loved his wife more than anything and we all knew it.
2.  He loved his kids and grand kids a very close second.  :)
3.  Hugs and kisses kept him alive 80+ years.  He would tell me as I hugged him that this is what is worth living for.
4.  He was a do-er.  He loved to fix stuff that he noticed was broken, no matter where he was.  Even at the hospital when he had Dr.  appts he fixed the sink!  I remember him in his mid 70's walking through his neighborhood picking up trash and fixing sprinklers. 
5.  He was a TON of fun.  He had 4-wheelers and we would always want to ride with him because he was "crazy"  Silly guy hurt himself a couple of times... He went off a curb on a bike in his I think 70's and hurt his back. 
6.  He collected antique tools and catalogued them so we would know all about them too.
7.  He loved to work on a miniature train set and it is GORGEOUS.
8.  He loved his mom and was a really great son.  (I remember him being so thoughtful and patient as he watched his mother age and then pass on)
9.  He could always make you feel at ease with his smile and warmth of personality.  He wasn't the loudest guy, but he made everyone feel loved.
10.  He and my Grandma were great examples of what a marriage can be.   They would bicker all the time and sometimes they would argue about the same thing and really they were agreeing, but nobody would know it but them.  But they LOVED each other so much that at the end of the argument they would laugh at each other and themselves. 
11.  I remember him saying that you are only as old as you feel.  And then later he said "I remember when jumping in the shower meant getting into the shower quickly.  Now it is more of an idea. lol . Then I remember him saying that he takes his morning pills to keep him alive until the evening and his evening pills to keep him alive until the morning.   :)
12.  He had a great sense of humor as does my Grandma check out this picture:
This was their Christmas card one year.  How awesome is that! :)

Ok, I know I could go on for a REALLY long time talking about my wonderful Grandpa.  He really was a FANTASTIC man.  But I will get on to the project now.

All the little embellishments are his tie-tacks.  My grandma said I could have them, so I decided to make them into a remembrance book, and now I have finally started!  I have soo many more.  He got a lot of them from donations he had made throughout the years.  The one on a chain is a Boy Scout of America symbol.  That is a program he loved!  All the flags show how much he loved his country and are from donations to different organizations.  The little gold on  says USA and the olympic sign.  The shotgun shell was from his funeral, he was a veteran and got a salute in honor of his service to his country.  He LOVED airplanes and had his pilots license and took would take us on plane rides.  (I told you he was fun!)  That little airplane was one of his tie-tacks.  He also had a saw tie-tack, but my hubby claimed that one!  The circle with a bird on it was from the Christopher Reeves foundation.  In 1999 my cousin was in a car accident and was paralyzed from the neck down.  In fact I remember hearing that she broke it in the same place as Christopher Reeves.  She is amazing, but anyway he then donated (as far as I know) every year to that cause as well. 

  The pictures are of he and my Grandma at his 80th Birthday and my two oldest that last time they saw him.  We love him so much and miss him a lot.  I believe this life is not the end and that we can and will see him again.  But that doesn't mean we don't miss him!  :) 

P.S.  I hate my handwriting, but thought it would be better if this particular project were a little more personal.


Cricut craftiest mom contest!

Ok all you wonderful followers of mine.  (and non followers too!)  I entered the cricut contest on Facebook.  So go here and vote for me.  I entered my Spring blocks.    You know my Mother's Day present to my Mom.   Here is what they look like in case you get lost on the contest board.  (I linked right to it.  But just in case...)

Ok so that link should take you right to it.  Vote for me and leave a comment telling me you did and I will have a suprise giveaway at the end of the week for voting. (June 1st is the day I will announce the winner)   You can go vote everyday on FB and comment for more chances to win a REALLY great suprise!  (I promise you won't even be a little dissapointed!!!) 


triangle, rectangle, green, blue, airplanes and denim...

I made this sweet little triangle box with a rectangle window... Now that I think about it, it would have fit the theme and the shoes would have fit in the box better if I had made it a rectangle box with a triangle window...

 But I didn't.

 I think it is fun to be a little bit different anyway.  HA I think outside (the normal shaped) box.  :)  So in case you are wondering what on Earth I am talking about (which if I were you, I would be)  FCCB challenge is to make project using a rectangle and a triangle.  I actually had kind of a hard time deciding what to do.  Then I remembered that my friend was having a baby shower on Saturday, so I thought I would make her these:

I thought they came out great!  I love that the plane is all frayed.  It looks boyish right?  Sometimes I have a hard time telling if it is boyish or not.  (Problem for a lady with 4 girls!)  Anyway I think they are cute.  And they fit in this:

My cute box that I made.  I used TBB&M and new arrival.  I also used a MS punch and some recycled plastic from the cricut cartridges I buy.  I put stickers on the window to spell baby.

 I used my cricut to cut fray the denim and I really like it!  I think if I had a little boy I would totally have him wear these. 

Like daily.  

They are soft and cozy and they came in a matching BOX for goodness sake! tehehe  I hope my friend likes them too!   They are made from fleece and the sole is wool felt.  It was so fun to use green, BLUE, airplanes and denim.


Scripture bag or reusable lunch bag

Believe it or not this cute bag:

Used to be this placemat!

I took it and folded it in half lengthwise (like a hot dog bun, not a hamburger ;)  then stitched up the side and bottom.  It was such an easy bag to make.   The hardest part was the flower, and it is SOOOO easy to make.  It is more like oragami than sewing.  

I only used one placemat and 4 recycled buttons.  This fits The King James version of the bible and the triple combination (BOM, D&C Pearl of Great Price)  But I was thinking it would be a really cute reuseable lunch bag for a little girl. (OR a big one.  This is soo cute!)

Here's another picture for you!

Thanks for looking!  :)  I was thinking of adding my DD initials cut with the cricut.  I think that would look ADORABLE.  But since I made this for a Church activity (it is a sample of what we will be making) I thought I shouldn't make it personalized... :)  Let me know what you think!  I LOVE comments!


Popcorn box

 My friend called and asked me if I had a pregnant lady cut on my cricut.  I told her yes and then this was born.
 I would love to take credit for the idea but she found it on another blog (sorry I don't know which one, if it is yours let me know and I will give due credit!) and wanted to recreate it for another of our friends baby shower.  They turned out way cute and she filled it with yummy popcorn!  mmmmm white chocolate popcorn...  (I am sooo easily distracted! tehehe)

We used tags bags boxes and more for the popcorn box and New arrival for the preggo lady and a punch for the tag.  And a bit of ribbon.


cupcake for my pink stamper.

Actually it is a card I made this morning for my friends baby shower... So I made it work for the challenge too!  So here it is! I don't usually do cards and now I know why most people do! They go together so quickly! And it is rather fun!

The inside says congratulations on your new little cupcake!  :)



I decided to do the Cricut message board layout challenge again.  This time I chose the fishing theme.  I had originally picked out some pics of my hubby and his parents fishing at Fish Lake.  Then I went and printed said pictures and they were HORRIBLE quality.

 I know...

How could MY hubby look bad? 

He is rather good looking if I do say so myself... BUT when his face is all pixels it just doesn't look like him!  We thought we were so advanced back then (in 2000) SO not true.  They look fine on the computer so I guess I will make those in my digi scrap albums.   I am a bit bummed because those pics are a time in our life we wanted to capture... I tried photo shop elements but it is really hard impossible to improve the quality of a photo.  

  SOOOO I resorted to the cute little kids at Fishlake.   The girl is mine, the boys are my nephews.  They are now 13, 10 and 10.  Time flies! 

I am a bit late with the sketch, but I left for BYU womens conference, so that has put me behind in my projects  (TOTALLY worth it by the way)

Here is your reward for listening to me ramble... again...

I really liked how it turned out.  I didn't have couldn't find my metalic paper (I was feeling lazy...) so I used my heat embosser and embossed the fish and the shadow of Fish Lake.  (I don't know why I thought that would take LESS energy, but it is what I did)

The fish border I made using my gypsy and the Spongebob cartridge.  The little boy fishing is from a childs year. 


My Hubby wanted to throw these away!!!

Ok so to be "fair" to him this is what they actually looked like when he wanted to toss them

But still,  I see this 

when I look at this. 

So of course I am horrified at the thought of wasting such wonderful wood blocks!  I sanded the blocks down, then painted them, then decorated them.  As easy as 1-2-3.  Seriously that was three steps.

Oh except I missed a step which was Mod podge-ing them. (I LOVE making up words! Although I'm sure I'm not the first on that one...)  This was actually the first project on wood that I've used Mod podge.  (for some reason I  have only found myself using it on glass) It was easy and fun, the only thing is I started out with a thin paper and it bubbled like crazy.  So I just stuck with the thicker paper. 

Here is a close up of each of the letters. I will tell you the recipe for each letter under each letter. I like that I get to give recipes, because I am NO cook.  I CAN cook, I just don't like too, but I always hear people sharing recipes and they are both so excited.  I feel like I am missing out on something...

 until I cook...

 and then realize that I am not.

 I like to eat good food... that someone else makes and cleans up after.  Wow, I ramble... ok back to the blocks...
All the blocks letters are from Birthday Bash. 

I like 'em big, I like 'em chunky. 

Ok that was enough singing... 10 blog points to whoever can tell me what movie that is from...
The S has a bunny from Kates ABC's and grass from Plantin School Book.
The P has grass from PS and the boot and umbrella are from April Showers.

The R has a tree and flowers from April showers, the grass is from PS, the butterflies are a Martha Stewart punch, the sun is from Create a Critter.

The I has a daffodil and bleeding heart from Walk in my garden and the grass is you guessed it PS.

The N is the planter box on Freshly picked.

The G has clouds from Pooh and friends, Grass from PS, I used a punch for the eggs and the bunny is from Easter 2010.

Here is another view  (Your welcome)
I'm giving this to my Mom for Mother's Day!  I think she'll love it!
TFL!!! Now go back to FCCB and link up your flower project! (after you leave a comment of course! lol)
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