I decided to do the Cricut message board layout challenge again.  This time I chose the fishing theme.  I had originally picked out some pics of my hubby and his parents fishing at Fish Lake.  Then I went and printed said pictures and they were HORRIBLE quality.

 I know...

How could MY hubby look bad? 

He is rather good looking if I do say so myself... BUT when his face is all pixels it just doesn't look like him!  We thought we were so advanced back then (in 2000) SO not true.  They look fine on the computer so I guess I will make those in my digi scrap albums.   I am a bit bummed because those pics are a time in our life we wanted to capture... I tried photo shop elements but it is really hard impossible to improve the quality of a photo.  

  SOOOO I resorted to the cute little kids at Fishlake.   The girl is mine, the boys are my nephews.  They are now 13, 10 and 10.  Time flies! 

I am a bit late with the sketch, but I left for BYU womens conference, so that has put me behind in my projects  (TOTALLY worth it by the way)

Here is your reward for listening to me ramble... again...

I really liked how it turned out.  I didn't have couldn't find my metalic paper (I was feeling lazy...) so I used my heat embosser and embossed the fish and the shadow of Fish Lake.  (I don't know why I thought that would take LESS energy, but it is what I did)

The fish border I made using my gypsy and the Spongebob cartridge.  The little boy fishing is from a childs year. 


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