Ok so Random.org has picked the winners.  They are:

Banner-#8 Scrapper 69


Tag maker and corner punch- #5 Kimbo West

Congrats! I will be contacting each of you shortly!  I had so much fun with this giveaway (again!) Thanks for playing!  I want to thank my newest followers too!  I will be having another giveaway soon... so be sure to check back!  :)  

Scrapper69 I have tried all sorts of ways to get your email to work.  Every combination I do I receive an error and failure to deliver!  Please email me.  You can find my email under my profile.  Thanks!


I decided to make it a double layout

I found some more pics of her eating those smores.  So I guess the answer to the question is Yes you can have s'more. :) 

I was feeling kinda bad for the little hedgehog... He just roasts the marshmellow?  He doesn't get to eat a smore?  That just doesn't seem right. Soooo...

I gave him one!  He looks much happier now doesn't he?

I can't stay away from the double layout.  I heart them.  Really I do.  I am announcing the winner of my giveaway tomorrow are you all ready for it?  If not go here and enter!  Today is the last day for entries!



We had a beautiful day today!!!! I actually feel like it might be spring!  Today was so busy with outside stuff that I didn't do a single crafty project!  Our day started at 7:00 breakfast, by 8 am we were all outside working in the garden.  We tilled it, ferilized it and my hubby put in a new sprinkler system! YAY US!  I won't have to water it.  It will be on a timer and it will water its self!  Can you say more time to craft! 

We finished at about 11:00 showered, had lunch and then at about 12:30 my hubby and I went on a group date with a bunch of friends. We had an Easter egg hunt.  Really it was more of a scavenger hunt, and hidden clues game.  There were three teams and it was a race! One of our friends puts this together every year.  They go all out.  We were kayaking across a lake to a small island, playing skee ball at Chuck E Cheese, using binoculars to find scriptures, they even incorporated a service project where we had to cut and tie fleece blankets!   I kept quoting this movie.

More specifically Rowan Atkinsons Character.  "It's a rrace."    That is one of the best movies ever.

 I love it. 

I'm not gonna tell you who won... ok fine it was my hubby's team.  But hey, at least one of us isn't a loser!  :)

Then we came home at about 5 and I fed the girls while my hubby built a fence to keep the chickens off the grass.  (Long story short, we have 14 chickens.  We have 6 and 1/3 acres.  We have about 1/2 acre of lawn.  The chickens ignore the other 5+ acres and poop all over our lawn.  We don't like to step in it. That is our motivation.)  

He finished that at about the same time the girls went to bed.  I of course was getting them ready.  Anyway as you can see I had NO time for crafting today...  Yesterday I made a very nice project but it is for the fantabulous cricut challenge on May 2nd.  So I can't post that one yet!  Remember to enter my giveaway it ends on Monday!  You can find that here

OH and speaking of giveaways did you see the giveaway Robyn over at mypinkstamper.com is doing?  She is giving away a new E2!  Crazy fun!  I want it.  So don't enter even though I told you about it.  mkay?  lol  That ends Monday as well.  Thanks for reading my rambling!   I will have more projects soon!



Ok so I tried to give stuff away and neither of the people contacted me.  It has now been 3 days and I am tired of holding onto this stuff!  SOOOOO I am just going to give it away again.  Sorry to the "old" winners.  But I don't have a wherehouse here!  lol 

So if you are a follower leave a comment and you can win.  If you are not a follower (shame on you! But no worries you can ALWAYS fix your mistakes) just become a follower and leave a comment.  I will pick two winners. One for the banner and one for the tag maker and corner punch.

OH and leave a way to contact you.  Then check your email and get back to me!

Here are the items you can win:

I will close the giveaway on Monday and announce the winners on Tuesday!   Random.org will be picking you.  Good luck!

(Oh no, I forgot to mention I will only ship the punch and tag maker to US continental customers for free... international followers it's  not that I don't love ya, it is just a bunch of money! (The banner will be shipped to all Canada and US) 



I found a thread on the cricut message board that posted a sketch challenge!  This is just right up my alley lately!  So here is my take on it.  Evidently they do this weekly!  Come join the fun... your scrapbooks will love you!  lol

I just got campin critters and I LOVE it!  What would I have done without it!  ;)

Here is a close up of the smore I embossed it with the swiss dots folder.

This is the sign that goes along with the smore and the little hedgehog.

The hedgehog is from campin critters, the fire is from camp out and the tuft of grass is from pooh and friends.  The rest of the grass I just cut with scissors.  Thanks for looking!

OH I forgot to tell you that this is girl #3.   And a quick funny story about the poor "middle" child girl #2  (techincally I have 2 middle children) I showed her this blog post and she pointed out that I don't have very many pictures of her on my blog. (not my fault by the way... she hides from the camera!)  I then pointed her out in several LO's and she said, yeah, well of course you have some of me, you know when girl #3 is doing something and I am in the background or of me as a little baby.  Seriously child?  oh what to do, what to do...  She can seriously drive me bonkers sometimes.  (that's right I just said bonkers, probably haven't heard that one in a while, huh?)   Good thing I think she is fantastic, even if she sees the glass as half empty most of the time.  She also gives me the best stories from it!  (she has big time attitude for a 7 year old! But I find it REALLY funny and that makes her REALLY angry!)
I have entered this into camping challenge at Getting Cricky wish me luck!
I also entered it in the Getting Scrappy challenge any food themed project.


Got Cake?

I created this layout for Celebrate the Occasion #10 Challenge.  I have been a bit addicted to challenges lately and my kids scrapbooks are LOVING me for it!    My house not so much... (see the side bar? TRUE! lol)  Anyway you have to follow a sketch, to see the sketch head on over to CTO.   Here is my Layout...

This is girl #4.  She is saying "Forks are a waste of time.  This is much faster..." lol First birthdays are always such fun!  

The stamp says It's a party!  It is a self inking stamp I got from costco FOREVER ago.  Ok maybe not forever, but years... as in plural with an S. (In case you missed that!)
I used graphically speaking for all the ones going down the side and printing press for got cake?  I used a paper trimmer for the matts and a martha stewart punch for the loops down the side.  I used a purple gel pen and doodled and I used George for the circles.

Springs Top Ten

Child #2's Springs Top 10, LO I will be making one for each season of 2011 with a picture from that season on it. This is the first one I've done. I haven't filled in her top 10 things since she is at school at the moment. But you get the idea, right? A little "spotlight" for her. I'm sorry I keep jumping around the years... I am kinda scatterbrained evidently!

I entered this into  Creative Sister's  Challenge #6 any barnyard theme!

I made the sheep for a different project and they kind of spurred this project into being!   They just didn't work for the other one...  I know brown sheep?  but I think they look so cute!   They are from the country life cartridge.

Ok don't laugh at me... but this is an american girl punch!  They were on clearance at Michaels for 6.99  and it was so cute!  I used cat's eye ink for the grass and some markers for the flowers and bug.  I then used my i-rock for the bling in the periwinkle flowers.

This tree is from straight from the nest then I added the small flowers also from that cart.  I think... ummm maybe.  I'll have to get back to you on that for sure... lol

Top 10 is from graphically speaking and Spring is... ummmm... I'll find that one out for you too!  I know I welded it on my gypsy...

This mat is from gypsy wanderings.  The black rectangle is only on the picture in real life it says
 girl #2's name.   This is where her top ten list will go.  With a small 2011 in the right had corner.  I inked with my cats eye all around the green paper (it started out a pastel green) with two different shades of green and the corners of the yellow with the same green. Then I used a purple gel pen to doodle all around the page and the frame.  I also used a white gel pen for the doodling. 

Thanks for looking!



I have a winner! 
Random.org picked #34

Charlotte who said

"Well, This is about thr cutest LO I have ever seen. The design is adorable and the children are so cute with their umbrellas. I love the papers and the cricut cuts you used. Fantastic!!!! I am a new follower. "

Thanks for the compliment and congrats Charlotte!  I will be contacting you shortly!

My FB winner is...
Molly Donohue Ritterbeck
Congrats Molly I will be contacting you too!

I want to thank all of my followers and welcome the new ones!  I might be a *bit* pathetic with my constant checking for comments so please leave lots!  I will try and follow your blogs and leave comments as well.  :)  Thanks again and congrats to the winners!

Funky Chicks

I was going to wait and do these pictures later... But the challenge at FCCB this week was too perfect!  A project with a bunny or a chick?  I totally got that covered.  Anyway here they are the funky chicks (both my girls and the actual chicks!)

I tend to do double layouts because I like to.    ;)

Meet Girl #1, #2 and #3. 
 (girl #4 wasn't even thought of yet! I am so behind.  That's ok though, more fun for me right?)

It was looking kinda plain so I thought I would add some flourishes and buttons. Of course I did some doodling all over...

Side note:  The littlest one in these LO's is girl #3  (the one who wouldn't take her hat off in this post.)  She was soooo excited to see the chicks she wouldn't wait to change her clothes or even let me wash her face after breakfast!  I guess you all now know that I am kinda a push over... LOL she was SO excited though!

Here is a close up of the chick from a child's year.  I used this chick in my last LO too.  I really like this cut.  Of course I used different papers.  I inked around the chick with a dark brown cats eye ink and inked the feet and beak orange. 

I added this pic just for the pure cuteness of the baby chicks!  They are all snuggly cuteness!  Ok well that about wraps up my post.

I used:
cat's eye ink orange and brown
white gel pen
paper from DCWV natural and some scraps
Storybook was used for August 2008 and the flourish (1.5)
Country life was used for Funky chicks (2.0)
A child's year for the baby chick (2.5)
Elegant edges for the scalloped mat. (11.25x11.25)
The pics of the chicks are 2x2 and the ones of the chicks and the chicks (my girls) are 4x4  The mats under the chicks are 2.5 both the creme and the funky brown circle paper.  The mats under the chicks and the chicks are 4.5.   


New Look

If you are looking for the FCCB cricut crawl you can find that here.  Today is the last day to enter MY giveaway.  Also on the giveaway I have for my facebook fans.

I have been having a ton of fun re-designing my blog!  How do you all like the new look?    I really like the simplicity of it, but am sure now that I know what I am doing I will be having it change often.  I made a blinkie and it has a html code, but I am still figuring out how to add that code on my page to share... It will happen soon as it is on high on my priority list.  You know, just below making sure the kids are fed, and on the bus to school.  ;)


Challenges... SO FUN!

If you are looking for the FCCB cricut crawl click Here...  (I am giving away some blog candy) Although you could just read this post too and then scroll down because it is just the next post... just sayin'  ;)

I originally (I just spell checked originally because it didn't look right... hmmm it was right.  I must need sleep) made this LO for a DT challenge on FCCB.  But decided it was perfect for a few other challenges going on now, so I will be making another LO for FCCB.  :) 

I have read some blogs recently (in the last 5 minutes actually) that were claiming to be "so far behind" in their scrapbooking because they were still on Halloween.  To them I say kwitcherbeliakin (this is a sign in my hubby's family's cabin. Have you figured out what it says yet! tehehe)  You are doin' great!  I am just now scrapbooking my 10 year olds stuff.  And I know a few people who are so overwhelmed because they are starting 5 kids scrapbooks that the youngest is now 30!  So I guess on THAT scale I am ahead.  But no where near this past Halloween.  I am really trying to catch up and this blog has really encouraged me!

SO without further ado I present to you... Easter 2002 (insert a cool sounding voice on Easter, maybe something kinda whispery and an echo on the last 2 in 2002.  Dramatic effects would be sooo cool to add on blogger!  hehehe) 

 This is my now 10 year old when she was just 18 months.  Wasn't she adorable!  I sure think so!  I was just gonna have the layout without pictures but couldn't pass these up since she is looking at soon to be tulips in a planter box!  :)
She still is a happy little thing!

I just used the basic egg on Easter 2010 cart and used fun papers, then I embelished them as I thought they needed!  The grass is also from Easter 2010.   The Spring banner is from April Showers.

Here are the brads for Frosted designs  The basket full of chicks are my favorite.  I love the little chicks I just want to pick them up and snuggle them!  I happen to own real chickens so I get to snuggle the little chirpers sometimes!  Girls 1-3 love them.  Girl #4 loves them too, but she isn't allowed to hold them yet!  (She is only 20 months and so "loves" them a little too much!)  I'm sure I will do a chicken LO eventually!

Cooking with Cricut Bunny Hop
Frosted designs Brad challenge
Paper cutz Challenge bunny or chick or egg!  (I think I nailed this one! tehehe) 
Cricut Cardz Challenge Bunny Hop
getting cricky inspired heart.  I can't think of anything that inspires me to be my best more than my little girls!
Whimsical Wednesday  Easter theme with a critter or bug.
BBTB2 a project using an egg
Daisy Doodle Easter
OH and make sure and visit my Spring Fling for a chance to win some blog candy!  :)

Fantabulous Cricut Crawl Spring Fling

Update:  The giveaways are over now, but you can still "crawl" through the blogs!  Have fun!

Welcome to Just Jenae and the fifth Fantabulous Cricut Crawl...Fantabulous Cricut's version of a blog hop! 
It's Spring Time, even though some places may not look like it :) and everyone at Fantabulous Cricut has decided to have a Spring Fling!   Each Design Team member will be featuring an original Spring project that includes Pink, Green and Yellow on it along with at least one Cricut cut.
If you've come from visiting Helen at Crafting Cricut Mom you're in the right place! If you've just happened across my blog and would like to play along with our Fantabulous Cricut Crawl, start HERE .
Make sure to check out each DT member's blog for some awesome inspiration! There will be PRIZES along the way at some of our DT members' blogs, AND there will be a Grand Prize up for grabs at FCCB for one participant that submits a "Spring Fling" project at FCCB!
How fun is that?
Ok, on to my project!   I need to start out by telling you that we live in Western Washington State.  We get quite a bit of the wet stuff here.  So if we waited for it to not be raining we would never do anything!  So this is our take on the rain and spring:
Meet girl #2 and #3.  They are pretty fantastic.  Yes I number my children, I have 4 girls.  It works for us!  :)

Side note:  Her hat is blue's Clues and she would NOT take it off for the picture, and she insisted that it needed to be down over her eyes.... Ahhh well it still makes for a cute picture.  I just could picture it even cuter!  Good thing I like her so much!
 The umbrella has some bling.  I got an I rock and had to try it out.  I mean I really should be a pro by now considering I have 4 girls... ;)

Ok so the Cartridges used were:
Font: Kate's ABC's (used my gypsy to weld it to the half circle)
Duck,her boots, and all the grass: Create a Critter
Half circle: Gypsy wandering
Rain drop: Indie Art (I got this free... but use it ALL the time!)
Ducks hat: Paperdoll dress up
Mat's for the duck and umbrella: Gypsy wanderings
Umbrella and boots:  April showers

 I have some blog candy for those of you who become followers and leave a comment!  It is a tag maker and a corner punch. Here's a picture for you to drool over... okay maybe you aren't drooling but it is fun to see what you could win!

 I am also having a Facebook giveaway!  Like me on Facebook to be entered to win this:

It looks equally fantastic hanging on a wall or fireplace... :)

Now it's your turn! Let's see your Spring Fling projects!  Make sure to include a Cricut cut somewhere on your project and Pink, Green and Yellow!

Next stop..Jennie's blog, at Earthy Scrap .  Go see what she has in store for you today... And when you're done, make sure to link up your project to FCCB's Fantabulous Cricut Crawl post to be entered into the contest!

Happy Crawling!

OH I forgot!  I will post the winner of the blog candy and the FB candy Next Monday April 18th, I will close the "chance to win" on Friday, April 15th!  So tell your friends and share on FB if you share on FB you will get an extra entry for the banner!
I also entered this into a contest at Crafty creations rain showers and
at Get Cricky Sing a song!  This is after all a childrens song right?  :)  (I may have changed the words a bit but I still sing the song in my head everytime I read it! )
Also I entered it in at H2H showers/flowers.
And Whimsical Wednesday
and Paper Playtime


Celebrate for real this time!

Ok here is the banner!  A full picture and closer to the real colors... It is a chocolate brown not a black or really dark brown.   :)  It was a ton of fun to make!  TFL!!!

Funny in the picture the second E and the T look hard to see... But in real life they are really easy to read.  Promise! :)

Awesome blog candy giveaway on Cheryl Ann First Expressions!  When she hits 300 followers this will be her give away!  17 stickles unopened!



This is my newest project on Etsy!  I LOVE IT!  Celebrate will ya?   You can see more about it Here.

But I will give you a 'sneak peek' because well I am awesome like that!  :)   Here is a little part of the fantasticness (another made up word!  I told you I was good at that!)   Be sure to go to my etsy shop The5happygirls to see it in all it's fanatasticness...  hmmm as I look at this pic it almost looks black.  It isn't it is a chocolate brown...   TFL!


Checkbook cover

I was on FB today and Paper Crafts by Candace was asking if anyone made and sold checkbook covers.  I didn't, but do now!  I took this as a challenge and made up a pattern and had a lot of fun today making this:

See the bling?  Inside the flowers...

 I put a flap on it to keep the checks seperate. 

I thought it turned out so cute!  I was proud of myself, I created the pattern out of my own little head!  It was FUN too.  I think I should always sew without a pattern.  :)   I decided to sell these on Etsy.  You can check them out here.   I will of course make it to the initials that you would like!  Not JH, unless JH are your initials as well.  I have many fabrics so if you have a color/pattern choice let me know and I will make one just for you!  TFL!

Oh and of COURSE I used my cricut.   
And I entered this in over at Frosted Designs.  The challenge is to use any thing with bling!  :)


Baby Blessing

In our church we give our baby's a name and a blessing.  They don't get baptized until they are 8.  Here is a layout I made for my oldest (who is now 10! Talk about being behind!!!)  For the day she was blessed.  I wanted it to be less cutesy and more elegant.  So I used white and gold sparkle paper and shimmer paper along with the Paper lace cartridge.   I welded some of the square shapes together on my gypsy to make the long side borders.

This Picture looks funny.  I need to get a stand...

To make the dress I cut out a paper lace design and then on top of it I cut out a dress (paper doll dress up)  Then I cut out the same dress the same size in a white shimmer paper and then layered them together.  It turned out perfect!  She wore the dress I wore when I was a baby.  My Grandma made it for me and it was crocheted and looks alot like this little paper dress.   I was really happy with the way it turned out. 

I took the negative of my mat's little diamonds and glue dotted (is that the proper way to say that? If not I make words up all the time and am totally ok with it) them to the bottomish (another made up word.  If your good at something, go with it right?) of the paper.  Then I took some of the extras from the top layer of the dress and cut them to make this design:
Then I pop dotted (that is a very convenient word) them up to add some demention.  TFL!