New Look

If you are looking for the FCCB cricut crawl you can find that here.  Today is the last day to enter MY giveaway.  Also on the giveaway I have for my facebook fans.

I have been having a ton of fun re-designing my blog!  How do you all like the new look?    I really like the simplicity of it, but am sure now that I know what I am doing I will be having it change often.  I made a blinkie and it has a html code, but I am still figuring out how to add that code on my page to share... It will happen soon as it is on high on my priority list.  You know, just below making sure the kids are fed, and on the bus to school.  ;)


  1. Looks great, Jenae! I tried to answer your question on the FCCB DT blog, but Chatterbox wouldn't let me post the link. Anyway, hopefully it will work here.
    Adding a Snag-able Blinkie Instructions

  2. Thanks! I got it done! Hurray. Now grab one! LOL I've been meaning to grab one from everyone on the design team. I thought that would be fun! So now that I can play too I will! :)

  3. It looks great! I've been working on mine too and reading differnt professional web designer tips and most say that simple is better if you want people to actually enjoy what your "posting" on your site and that when you fill you site with too much flashing or colors, they won't stay to browse longer but leave faster! They say to only share the gadgets and buttons that are really meaningful to you. I also read that the eye is immediately drawn to your top left corner of your site so put your most important item there. I only have a 2 column layout so I naturally place my posts there but I thought that was very interesting and thought I would share their knowledge since you've been hard at work! I think your blog looks very nice (love your "me and my house when I craft"..hehe) and I will be back to visit again!