Getting buggy

This is for FCCB challenge get buggy!  The pics are of my daughter and her fourth grade teacher in our backyard for a farewell party.  Her teacher was part of a district wide budget cut that laid off teachers that had been teaching for 2 years or less.  :(  We were really sad about that because she was a great teacher!   Anyway here is my layout.

grass=create a critter
snail=birthday bash
butterfly=pooh and friends
summer=gypsy wanderings
sunshine=April showers
the sun=pooh and friends
smiley faces are Peachy Keen stamps.


SuMmEr fUn

The challenge this week on FCCB is melon time!  Use a melon or a fruit on your project.  Here is my project. 

I used the vine from Zoobaloo,  The sun from Lifes a beach, the clouds and squares from Winnie the pooh, the watermelons are from gypsy wanderings.

 Summer is stamped with black ink that didn't work right, the M and the m were not stamped all the way.  So I took my stickles and went over all the letters with them.  It made a really nice effect since part of the black was missing.  It kind of made it look like it was fading in and out.  And kind of wish I would have done it on some more of the letters!  :)

Same effect on the word fun, but it doesn't show up as well in the pic as it does on summer. 

Now go link up your melon project at FCCB 


Kickin' it at the lake

This weeks challenge at FCCB is an outdoor fun theme.  I choose to make a scrapbook page for the times we spend at the lake(s)!  We have 4 within 10 minutes of our house, 2 of them are private, but we know some people!  ;)   So we tend to cool off in the lakes,  sometimes we cool of in the Hood Canal (also 10 minutes from our home)  But the saltwater is more itchy and COLD!!!  So we like the lakes mo' betta.
 Here is my project.  (the white paper will be removed and pictures will be placed in those spots.)

BAHAHAHAHAHHA I kept looking at this thinking it looks so much like kitchen it at the lake or chicken it at the lake.  Why, why, why?  LOL I just realized it is supposed to be k-i-c-k-I-n'  So evidently my gypsy needs spell check on it.  Cause I am a HORRIBLE speller.  LOL  I guess I will be fixing this ASAP!  LOL  I crack myself up.  So just imagine that I can spell and then look at the page.  :)  Now that I think about it a bit more, I might just leave it to give myself a laugh whenever I look at it.

I was going to use the lake from camping critters and cut out all those trees and the dock and have them at the bottom of my paper.  Then I found this paper as I was looking for another one and it was PERFECT!  So I cut out the dock from Camping critters and used it but not any of the other cuts.

I used a child's year for the little girls.  I have four girls, so I really should have made 4 but it seemed kinda crowded on the gypsy, so I only made two.  I cut the legs off of the one in the water to make it seem like they were under the water.

Kickin' it is from printing press and at the LAKE!!! it from hello kitty font. (rounded)

I just used some markers and my own yucky handwritting to journal this.  It looks okay.  I just really like OTHER people's handwriting.   Oh well I tried.   My kids will know that I wrote it.  ;) 


God bless America!

I made this for this weeks FCCB challenge!  Go here to check out all the details of the challenge.  

I used Stand and Salute for the border at the bottom and cut it out twice and used the shadow feature for the white behind it.  For the blue strip I used my gypsy and George to make a long rectangle to cut off the blue arches so I didn't have to by hand.   The boy and the wagon are from A child's year.  I cut off the flag he was holding and cut a flag from Stand and Salute using my gypsy to size it correctly.  Then I added the stars from the George cartridge using the silhouette feature. 

It is currently hanging up in my hallway, but after the 4th I plan on adding 3 4x4 pics to it and making it a scrapbook page.  It really will work for both.  Simple and yet so cute!  Thanks for looking!


FCCB Challenge me Monday #64

Make a wedding project using a bell and the color white.  This actually worked out well!  At first I didn't know who I would give this too!  Then a new couple moved into my ward.  Well they sort of moved in... he moved in and she is staying with family, they are getting married on Friday!  So exciting for them!   So anyway here is the card I came up with.  It is post card style.

This is a nice simple card. I doodled on it and used some alpha stamps from Michaels.  This went together quickly and was fun to make.  The bells and the outer most border are made from a shimer paper that wasn't really captured on camera.  It looks really pretty in person.   Now go link up your wedding bell project to FCCB!


My first blog award!

How fun is this!  Thanks to Crafting Misfit for giving me my first blogger award!  The versatile blogger.  Just gives me all sorts of warm fuzzies! 

The "rules" of this award:
1. Thank the person who sent it to you  (Wow I did this without even knowing the rules! HA I'm gooood! )2. Tell 7 things about yourself
3. Send this to 5 fellow versatile bloggers

1.  I have been married for 11 years.
2.  I have 4 girls, ages 10, 7, 4 and 23 months.
3.  I love to craft (the rules didn't state that you couldn't state the obvious! :)
4.  I came from a family of 4 children.
5.  I think this is noteworthy... Both my husband and I have 1 set of parents and 2 sets of grandparents.  (no divorces on either side in either generation!!)
6.  I am not easily annoyed, but what I do find annoying is when other people get annoyed easily.  Just let it go people!
7.  I don't like cooking.  I can cook but it is NOT my favorite thing to do.  The only thing I like about it is eating the finished meal.  I can do that if someone ELSE cooks it too, so what's the point of me doing it?  :)  Ok I confess I still do it most of the time.  But we have been known to have cold cereal for dinner at our house... (don't judge!)

Ok so the 5 people I am sending it to are:

1. Green scrap at Earthy Scrap
2. Kate at Small Bits of Paper
3. Scrappers Anonymous
4. My 3 E Scrapbooking
5. Sandee at Inspired to create

They are all fabulous bloggers and make some wonderful stuff!  Check them out!  Those are links up there so make sure to go visit their blogs too!   And Crafting Misfit her link is up at the top of the post! 


Congrats card for Girl #1

Ok so I decided to make it my way.  It is another challenge on the cricut circle blog.  You were supposed to find inspiration from the cricut circle magazine and make it yours.  So I took this as inspiration.  I really liked the little ribbon and the tags that say the and ever. 
So this is what I came up with.
In case you were wondering yes I did make all those tiny little dots on the pink paper.  I used a white gel pen and a blue marker.  I also made the "confetti" inside the word congrats.  I doodled around the edges instead of sewing  (I like sewing, but have yet to actually sew paper!  Weird I know.) 

I used 5 cuts from cricut sampler the butterfly inside the circle, the ribbon/ribbon shadow, and the word congrats/congrats shadow.  I also used George for the blue circle under the butterfly and for the mats.  Lots of cricut cuts for sure! 

I also used stamps for the letters, I used purple ink at first but didn't like it, so I traced over it with my white Gel pen.  MUCH better!  

I hope girl #1 likes it.  I made it for her for after her "showcase" tomorrow.  She has been working on this presentation all year, and tomorrow is the day all the parents come in to watch them sing about, present, and display the things they have learned this year.  It is such a fun thing to see!  Can't wait!
Thanks for looking!