Congrats card for Girl #1

Ok so I decided to make it my way.  It is another challenge on the cricut circle blog.  You were supposed to find inspiration from the cricut circle magazine and make it yours.  So I took this as inspiration.  I really liked the little ribbon and the tags that say the and ever. 
So this is what I came up with.
In case you were wondering yes I did make all those tiny little dots on the pink paper.  I used a white gel pen and a blue marker.  I also made the "confetti" inside the word congrats.  I doodled around the edges instead of sewing  (I like sewing, but have yet to actually sew paper!  Weird I know.) 

I used 5 cuts from cricut sampler the butterfly inside the circle, the ribbon/ribbon shadow, and the word congrats/congrats shadow.  I also used George for the blue circle under the butterfly and for the mats.  Lots of cricut cuts for sure! 

I also used stamps for the letters, I used purple ink at first but didn't like it, so I traced over it with my white Gel pen.  MUCH better!  

I hope girl #1 likes it.  I made it for her for after her "showcase" tomorrow.  She has been working on this presentation all year, and tomorrow is the day all the parents come in to watch them sing about, present, and display the things they have learned this year.  It is such a fun thing to see!  Can't wait!
Thanks for looking!


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