Lady bug

My mom and dad.  So cute they love eachother so much and are a great example to me.  This is from a family reunion we had.    This ladybug is from create a critter.

I embossed the heart and inked around all the edges.

I inked around this too.  This was fun to make!  It was my first time using the inks.



So I decided to start an Etsy shop.  I know, I know it is going to be FUN!  I currently only have one thing for sale.  It is my Today is a Gift wall hanging it looks like this:

  It is on Etsy here.  If you think you would like one, go ahead and buy that one.  If it has been sold (crossing my fingers) then leave a comment on this post and I will make one just for you!  Thanks!


This is a Poem my 10 year old daughter wrote.

I sat on the velvet sea of grass
rolling in great waves of the ocean
being lightly sprinkled by dew-droppy fronds
while drinking the fresh sweet pine scent
and a pure morning glory dew
carried by a playful wind
who toys with my hair
tossing it back and forth
a tangle of wild horses
then I looked to the sky
and let my mind go
letting it soar like a hawk
and touch the clouds
who am I?
then plummeting
to my brain
to reality
and once more I looked up
up to the sky
but chained my thoughts
to my head
so they didn't
float away
like a bunch of balloons
drifting off
to some mysterious place
then I  thought to myself
what is up there?

and felt like a loose thread

then thought again
what is up there
in the great huge dark universe
who stretches her fingertips to the
edge of eternity
then looks at herself
at earth, mars, Jupiter and all the planets
all the moons
and stars soaring in the sky
next to feisty comets
in millions of Galaxy's
looked at it all
and laughed at herself?
and I looked up
farther then the sky
past the clouds 
and finally felt
a sensation like none other
for I looked at
the world
but that
is only
an old memory
a picture
with edges
curled and yellow
in some ancient
album of thoughts
stored in a box
in the attic
of my mind
but someday
I'll rummage through
those boxes 
and find that old memory
of sitting on the grass
and wondering
what heaven
is like.

Give her some love.  She would LOVE to read your comments! 


Looks like Spring

I made this for the FCCB challenge this week!  It is any spring time theme.  I made this layout for a 5x7 pic.  The pic will hang below the mat to almost the bottom of the page.
The little girl in the corner is from a childs year.

The base is from twinkle toes and the phrase is from straight from the nest isn't it cute!  

Kissing butterflies are from Straight from the nest I just cut two and flipped one around.   The border is a Martha Stewart border punch and then green stickles of course! 

Rosemary sign is from freshly picked and the butterfly is from SFTN.   Complete with stickled wings!  Every butterfly needs some bling after all.  :)  Come join at FCCB and let us see what you came up with! 

I also entered this in at  Scrapbookaholic By Abby Challenge #2

For my friend

Ok so if you have visited my blog in the last week or so you know about my friends little boy Porter age 3.  He is at Children's Hospital in Seattle recovering from brain surgery (to be reffered to as BS from now on! Per her sister!)  Anyway he isn't doing as good as hoped and has different struggles daily.  Which makes her struggle.   She is AMAZING (this is her second child with serious health issues, you can read about Payton here on make a wish) and I feel like I should DO something, which we all know I am no brain surgeon (or heart surgeon), so I can't really help.  SO I did what I can do and made this for her:

So this says "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present."  At the beginning of her latest trial she emailed her friends and at the end was this quote.  Of course she probably isn't feeling like these days after the surgery are a gift, I'm sure she is glad that yesterday is HISTORY!  :)  I hope that sooner than later, each day will be a gift to her again.

Love you tons my friend!  Please know that we at our house are praying for your family!

For those of you that are from cricut blogs this is a board I got from micheals, and I painted it with black acrylic paint.  I let it dry, and then I painted a cream color over the top letting the black show through.  Then I used my gypsy and welded the letters together.  It is gypsy font on both of the fonts.  The flower and little flourish are from accent essentials.

Ok so I decided to enter this into a linky party at Getting Cricky Because I made it for a friend that I just love a ton! 


No sew Tutu

My mom came to visit and she helped me make a tutu for girl #3 and her little doll.  Sleeping beauty is her very favorite princess, so of course that is the doll she wanted to match!

Here is the finished product and very happy child!

A bit closer of the tutu.  I feel a little guily cutting off her head, she was so excited to show off her tutu she was smiling BEAUTIFULLY!

Here is a close up of the tutu.  I got 2 yards of the camo tulle at JoAnn's and used a strip of a dark pink tulle every 4 strips of the camo.  The title is a "tiny" lie because you do sew the elastic into a circle.  Then you take the tulle and cut it into about 2 inch wide strips.  Double the desired length.  Then you  take the tulle and fold it around the the elastic and tie two knots.  It will end up looking like this:

I used 1/2 inch elastic and just measured it around her waste.  Sorry to my friend Jen who is a loyal follower.  She requested a more "boyish" craft.  I don't have any of those (boys I mean), so it is a bit harder for me to get inspiration.  But I will REALLY try!  LOL.  I would LOVE to see any that you make.  TFL!


Real Santa

Another one of my "firsts" I only had george at this time.  The "snowflakes" are a small hole punch and a piece of white paper behind.  Girl #1 was on the hunt for the "real" Santa.  She finally found him!  



This is yet another layout from when I only had the George Cartridge.  I just used circle and made them look like baseballs.  I blacked out her name and league for the blog.  :) 


Rubba dub chub

Ok so for any of you that were wondering about my friends little (he is only 3)  boy.  He got out of surgery yesterday and while they considered it a success (80-90% of the brain tumor was removed)  he still has recovery to go, so keep those prayers coming for Porter!  :) Please pray for no facial paralysis, or vision problems, or any kind of problems!!!  He almost had to be re intubated because he was struggling to breath, but pulled through and is still on oxygen... so maybe we could focus our prayers on breathing without oxygen for now?   Thanks in advance, we have been worried about the little guy for sure! 

On a happier note this is girl #2 when she was about 7 months. 

This is one of my favorite layouts of girl #2.   She is 7 now!  I can't believe how fast time flies.  Also a layout from when I only had George.  That was actually a longer period of time than I can believe!  Now that I have so many options!  LOL



Ok so my friends little boy (3 years old) is going in for brain surgery tomorrow morning.  The doctors found a tumor the size of a small lime.  We are having a ward (our church congregation) fast tomorrow during that time.  We are praying and fasting for Porter to have a successful surgery, that the doctors will be alert with steady hands, that the nurses and all involved in the surgery are watched over and guided, that his parents will be comforted.   Please feel free to join us!  No parent should have to go through this and they have already done their share!  They have an older son with chronic health problems as well.  You can read about him here on make a wish.

Ok so keeping with my pre-cricut theme...

 I made all the little stuff on the computer and printed and cut around it.  It was a lot of work! (And Hey!  I even put pictures in this one! teehee)  I love my cricut!  :)  Girl #2 swimming! 



This is a pre-cricut Layout.  I just can't believe I STILL haven't put any pics in it.  I've had a cricut for YEARS!  I am such a slacker.  Part of the fun is putting the pictures in it!  I guess I better let the girls help me.  That way it will get done. 

Class picture

I know I was gonna post one a day but I can't sleep this morning.  I found out last night that a friends 3 year old boy is going to be operated on for a brain tumor.  That will happen this Friday.  I have them in my thoughts and prayers and will be fasting for them along with others in my church family on Friday.  Please feel free to join us!  They have been through a lot with another of their children.  You can read about him here on make a wish and here at the local newspaper.  He has a heart condition and Kidney problems.   They are an amazing family.

Here is some scrappy stuff to leave you with, but please don't forget to pray for the Frandsen family!

This was pre-cricut!  I used punches.  The pictures are one inch squares and the frames are 1.25 inch squares.  The names are printed and then punched out in a diamond.  I copied the picture about 4 times to get all the faces.  It was a great way to remember all the names from girl #1's pre-school class. 


I'm better!

HOORAY!  I am feeling much better.  The Doctor's office called last week to tell me I had Salmonella!  Crazy sick was I.  No es bueno.  He gave me an antibiotic and I am feeling much better.  I think I got it on a girls night out at Red Robin, but don't know for sure.  Anyway I am just glad I am feeling like a person again! 

I have a bunch of projects to post and most are scrapbook pages.  I will be posting one a day and I have been having fun. 
I decided to enter this in
CCCC #9 - Life's a Beach 

Thanks for looking!

Recipe is Life's a beach
paper scraps from stash
brown catseye ink
Google eyes
gypsy font


Irish box card

I made this for the FCCB Monday challenge, "Hip to be Square".  The requirements are a square card and the colors green and gold/yellow. 

I used George and my gypsy and made a St. Patty's day card/box.   If you would like the gypsy file please leave a comment with your email and I will email you the file.

This is the inside of the card.  Pretty simple, I just keep the plastic that the cartridges come in and cut it to make the window. 

Here is a pic of the inside of the box.  It turned out really cute, I plan on filling the box with little Hershey gold bars and give it to my girls' teachers for St Patty's Day.

I used Paper doll dress up for the hat and vest on the bear.  Simply charmed was used for the pot, gold and both four leaf clovers.  The font is Storybook and the sentiment is handwritten.  I made the bear on my gypsy using George and then pieced it together and inked the edges around all the pieces.  I drew his face on with pencil and then colored it in with a sharpie and a white gel pen.  I also used the white gel pen around his hat and vest.  I used glitter glue for the gold in the pot and scattered on the ground.  And stickles for the clover.

Now go make something cute and link it up here on FCCB.  Can't wait to see what you come up with!  :) 


I know I'm sick when...

Ok so I have been really sick for the past 10 days.  I went to the Doctor and he is "running some tests" but while "he" does that (I know he just sends stuff off to have other people check) I am at home miserable.  Actually I am feeling a lot better today... Hopefully I am on the mend.  BUT I knew I was really sick because today now that I feel a bit better, I actually WANTED to clean my house. 


  I never WANT to do that, it is just something that needs to get done.  So I do it.  After everything else I want/need to get done that day.  Not that my house is a mess all the time.  I make my girls do something they don't want to do everyday... sometimes that is drinking a glass of milk, or helping their sister with homework, a small chore around the house.  Something.  Just to prepare them for the days ahead... you know of having to clean a house, go to work etc.  The not so fun things in life that just need to be done.   I don't want to.  Well normally.  Today I wanted to clean it, it made me feel normal.  I like feeling normal.  Funny thing is I also knew I was sick for the week when I didn't even want to craft.  Nothing sounded fun.  I just wanted to be in my bed sleeping life away.   I read a bit.  I didn't watch T.V though.  I guess I wasn't THAT sick!  (I hardly ever turn the TV on!) 

Anyway this is just a post to prove that I am still alive and will be back crafting soon.  I did make one thing, but I can't share it with you until next Monday.  It is for the FCCB :)  So for now I have a couple of pics of something I have been working on that isn't quite a craft.  

I am getting more organized.  Here is the inside of my craft room closet.  I am so proud. (me flashing a big smile!)

Here is the other half of the closet!  YES that is carpet that you can see!

I got this idea from The Little Green Bean.   I just went to the dollar store picked up some foam board and cut it into six equal  rectangles.  To get the full tutorial go here.   They used a bookshelf. 

I didn't have a bookshelf or room for a book shelf, but I did have the top shelf of a closet and some boxes.  Sorry about the shadow on this pic.  This seriously makes me happy to look at it.  Some people might like to look out the window at a beautiful sunset (actually I like that too...) but I get that same feeling when I look into my closet!   I know I have issues... ;)