Rubba dub chub

Ok so for any of you that were wondering about my friends little (he is only 3)  boy.  He got out of surgery yesterday and while they considered it a success (80-90% of the brain tumor was removed)  he still has recovery to go, so keep those prayers coming for Porter!  :) Please pray for no facial paralysis, or vision problems, or any kind of problems!!!  He almost had to be re intubated because he was struggling to breath, but pulled through and is still on oxygen... so maybe we could focus our prayers on breathing without oxygen for now?   Thanks in advance, we have been worried about the little guy for sure! 

On a happier note this is girl #2 when she was about 7 months. 

This is one of my favorite layouts of girl #2.   She is 7 now!  I can't believe how fast time flies.  Also a layout from when I only had George.  That was actually a longer period of time than I can believe!  Now that I have so many options!  LOL

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  1. What a little butterball! Adorable layout (and subject)..love the pink and black combo! Great news about your friend's little boy. Hope he continues to improve!

    Tanya - http://nonnascraftcorner.blogspot.com/