Ok so my friends little boy (3 years old) is going in for brain surgery tomorrow morning.  The doctors found a tumor the size of a small lime.  We are having a ward (our church congregation) fast tomorrow during that time.  We are praying and fasting for Porter to have a successful surgery, that the doctors will be alert with steady hands, that the nurses and all involved in the surgery are watched over and guided, that his parents will be comforted.   Please feel free to join us!  No parent should have to go through this and they have already done their share!  They have an older son with chronic health problems as well.  You can read about him here on make a wish.

Ok so keeping with my pre-cricut theme...

 I made all the little stuff on the computer and printed and cut around it.  It was a lot of work! (And Hey!  I even put pictures in this one! teehee)  I love my cricut!  :)  Girl #2 swimming! 

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  1. What a fun lo! I am now dreaming of summer :)