I know I'm sick when...

Ok so I have been really sick for the past 10 days.  I went to the Doctor and he is "running some tests" but while "he" does that (I know he just sends stuff off to have other people check) I am at home miserable.  Actually I am feeling a lot better today... Hopefully I am on the mend.  BUT I knew I was really sick because today now that I feel a bit better, I actually WANTED to clean my house. 


  I never WANT to do that, it is just something that needs to get done.  So I do it.  After everything else I want/need to get done that day.  Not that my house is a mess all the time.  I make my girls do something they don't want to do everyday... sometimes that is drinking a glass of milk, or helping their sister with homework, a small chore around the house.  Something.  Just to prepare them for the days ahead... you know of having to clean a house, go to work etc.  The not so fun things in life that just need to be done.   I don't want to.  Well normally.  Today I wanted to clean it, it made me feel normal.  I like feeling normal.  Funny thing is I also knew I was sick for the week when I didn't even want to craft.  Nothing sounded fun.  I just wanted to be in my bed sleeping life away.   I read a bit.  I didn't watch T.V though.  I guess I wasn't THAT sick!  (I hardly ever turn the TV on!) 

Anyway this is just a post to prove that I am still alive and will be back crafting soon.  I did make one thing, but I can't share it with you until next Monday.  It is for the FCCB :)  So for now I have a couple of pics of something I have been working on that isn't quite a craft.  

I am getting more organized.  Here is the inside of my craft room closet.  I am so proud. (me flashing a big smile!)

Here is the other half of the closet!  YES that is carpet that you can see!

I got this idea from The Little Green Bean.   I just went to the dollar store picked up some foam board and cut it into six equal  rectangles.  To get the full tutorial go here.   They used a bookshelf. 

I didn't have a bookshelf or room for a book shelf, but I did have the top shelf of a closet and some boxes.  Sorry about the shadow on this pic.  This seriously makes me happy to look at it.  Some people might like to look out the window at a beautiful sunset (actually I like that too...) but I get that same feeling when I look into my closet!   I know I have issues... ;)

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  1. Jenae, sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well. Looks like you got a lot accomplished today! Hope you get back to feeling like yourself and back to crafting soon! Look forward to seeing your project!