No sew Tutu

My mom came to visit and she helped me make a tutu for girl #3 and her little doll.  Sleeping beauty is her very favorite princess, so of course that is the doll she wanted to match!

Here is the finished product and very happy child!

A bit closer of the tutu.  I feel a little guily cutting off her head, she was so excited to show off her tutu she was smiling BEAUTIFULLY!

Here is a close up of the tutu.  I got 2 yards of the camo tulle at JoAnn's and used a strip of a dark pink tulle every 4 strips of the camo.  The title is a "tiny" lie because you do sew the elastic into a circle.  Then you take the tulle and cut it into about 2 inch wide strips.  Double the desired length.  Then you  take the tulle and fold it around the the elastic and tie two knots.  It will end up looking like this:

I used 1/2 inch elastic and just measured it around her waste.  Sorry to my friend Jen who is a loyal follower.  She requested a more "boyish" craft.  I don't have any of those (boys I mean), so it is a bit harder for me to get inspiration.  But I will REALLY try!  LOL.  I would LOVE to see any that you make.  TFL!


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