My Hubby wanted to throw these away!!!

Ok so to be "fair" to him this is what they actually looked like when he wanted to toss them

But still,  I see this 

when I look at this. 

So of course I am horrified at the thought of wasting such wonderful wood blocks!  I sanded the blocks down, then painted them, then decorated them.  As easy as 1-2-3.  Seriously that was three steps.

Oh except I missed a step which was Mod podge-ing them. (I LOVE making up words! Although I'm sure I'm not the first on that one...)  This was actually the first project on wood that I've used Mod podge.  (for some reason I  have only found myself using it on glass) It was easy and fun, the only thing is I started out with a thin paper and it bubbled like crazy.  So I just stuck with the thicker paper. 

Here is a close up of each of the letters. I will tell you the recipe for each letter under each letter. I like that I get to give recipes, because I am NO cook.  I CAN cook, I just don't like too, but I always hear people sharing recipes and they are both so excited.  I feel like I am missing out on something...

 until I cook...

 and then realize that I am not.

 I like to eat good food... that someone else makes and cleans up after.  Wow, I ramble... ok back to the blocks...
All the blocks letters are from Birthday Bash. 

I like 'em big, I like 'em chunky. 

Ok that was enough singing... 10 blog points to whoever can tell me what movie that is from...
The S has a bunny from Kates ABC's and grass from Plantin School Book.
The P has grass from PS and the boot and umbrella are from April Showers.

The R has a tree and flowers from April showers, the grass is from PS, the butterflies are a Martha Stewart punch, the sun is from Create a Critter.

The I has a daffodil and bleeding heart from Walk in my garden and the grass is you guessed it PS.

The N is the planter box on Freshly picked.

The G has clouds from Pooh and friends, Grass from PS, I used a punch for the eggs and the bunny is from Easter 2010.

Here is another view  (Your welcome)
I'm giving this to my Mom for Mother's Day!  I think she'll love it!
TFL!!! Now go back to FCCB and link up your flower project! (after you leave a comment of course! lol)
I have also entered this in at Whimsical Wednesday spring decor challenge.
And at cooking with cricut spring flowers.
Also at My craft spot.  Since I made this for my mom for mother's day I think it counts!!!


  1. This is fabulous! I love that you took something that was otherwise garbage and created something so neat! Thanks for playing at Whimsical Wednesdays!

  2. WOW!!! Great job on your beautiful project,I love everything about it!Super colours and all the detail are Amazing!Thanks for playing with us at Whimsical Wednesday! :)

  3. This is fabulous!! Thank goodness you were able to save the blocks from your husband! Each one is lovely and the font you've chosen is perfect.
    Your post had me in stitches. You're a riot!

  4. so darn cute what a way to decorate up so old wood. beautiful.

  5. Wowzers! These are truly fabulous. This is definitely a case of turning trash to treasure.
    You did a fabulous job. I love all your details, the colors & the stinkin rainboots.
    Thanks for playing along with us at Whimsical Wednesday!
    Crafty best wishes,

  6. Very creative! Saw you at MIM.

  7. Just like the saying...one man's trash is another man's...er....woman's treasure! I love your blocks...they are awesome! This is going to be great to display in your home year after year...love it!

  8. you are too funny Jenae :) And I LOVE this project! Now, if only I could find some cute chunks of wood that my husband wants to throw away...hhhmmmm...

  9. These are so cute! and the song is from madagascar :) my favorite movie.

  10. This is wonderful. I got your blog link from make it monday and am so glad i dropped by.
    Keep crafting

  11. This is just what I needed to see today! I wanted to make a gift for a couple who just had a baby...but what to make?? I wanted to make something with her name that could go in the nursery~well, hello inspiration! I am confiscating my husband's stash of wooden blocks in the garage that HE won't throw away and surprise him when he gets home with an amazing baby gift! thanks for sharing!!

  12. Us women we are so creative. Those men of ours see garbage and we see something that we can turn into a sweet creation. That is exactly what you did. Amazing. I love it;) Thank you for joining in on the Whimsical Wednesday Challenge. :)

  13. You are the bomb!!!! What you made out of those "useless" blocks is fabulous!!!! I LOVE everyone of your letters, thank you for sharing! We are so glad you played with us at Whimsical Wednesdays! Hugs, Cathryn :)

  14. OMG! i love what you've done with those blocks of wood. great spring project!
    popped over from the inspire me blog challenge.

    kathleen mc xx
    ps thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog.

  15. OMGOSH... What a clever way to use up not so pretty pieces of wood! It looks Fabulous and I'm sure your mom is gonna LOVE it too! Also wanted to tell ya "THANKS" I got the banner Saturday and it's soooo pretty in person! I hung it up since it was my oldest sons Birthday that day... At first I told him I made it! LOL everyone in my house knows I Can't sew!!! LOL he actually believed me for a little while... then I said something to him and he said I thought it was weird that you sewed it mom cause I know you don't sew... tehehehhe anyway... I'm gonna be putting it up again on Wednesday cause my youngest son will also have a birthday and he said he wanted to see it hanging up.. :o) So thanks so much for giving it away and I'm the lucky one who got it! :O)

  16. So cute!!! Your mom will love this! Thanks for playing along at My Craft Spot!


  17. Hello Jenae what a lovely craft room decoration , well done ....Silly hubby .
    He will know better next time , yes?
    Thanks for sharing and linking to Make it Monday
    Good luck.

  18. You did a great job with the pieces of wood.....how clever! Your Mother is going to love it ! Thanks for playing along with us at My Craft Spot !!
    xoxo Joy

  19. I'm so glad I'm not the only who saves bits like this. It drives my husband nuts but I know there is something they can be used for..hehe! I love what you did with these beautiful blocks! It is a wonderful Mother's Day gift and I'm sure your Mom will love it!! I'm glad you shared them with us at My Craft Spot this week! Good Luck (I love the prize this week :)!! Oh and I think that song is either from Madagascar or Into the Wild. I can't ever tell the two movies apart but I'm sure it is from one of them (or they might even be the same movie...too many Disney/Pixar movies and not enough time to watch them)! I just hear them while I'm cleaning!

  20. Trash to treasure! LOVE IT! Fabulous job :)

  21. How clever! Really fun! Thx for sharing with us at Make It Monday!

    Mary J x

  22. Woww.. what a nice job and do not pay attention to your hubby LOL
    Thanks for commenting in my blog ;-)
    Have a great Tuesday!
    ~Maria Elena~

  23. Wow! I'm so glad you didn't let your hubby toss these! What a great home decor project and your mom is going to love it! Thanks for joining us this week at Cooking With Cricut!

    Stacey ~ CWC DT

  24. First of all you can make up any word or words you want when crafting! LOL. I have to say I LOVE this idea! I love that you found use of something someone else who toss out! You made these into some INCREDIBLE! I LOVE all the details, cut and colors! What a FABULOUS idea and project! Thanks for playing along with us at Whimsical Wednesday!

  25. SO VERY CLEVER... am sure hubby is proud of you now. I love your ribbon organizer as well.

    Say your creation at Michelle's MIM.


    xxx Monica

  26. OH My! What we women cannot do with trash! Love each and every detail! I am sure your Mom is going to love it! I know I would. Thanks for joining in the fun at My Craft Spot.

  27. they are amazing girl... amazing!

    -- dalis
    CWC DT

  28. These are just amazing! I wish I had visions like that!!! great work, I love all the little details and the colors are so pretty!

  29. Love these blocks! They are awesome! I helped a friend Mod Podge letters onto small "baby" blocks for her nursery as well as for her maternity pics! They turned out so cute that I'm going to make some for my daughter's room and of course decorate in Wiz of Oz images! :) Thanks for sharing! Very cute!


  30. I am so late posting comments, but I wanted you to know that I think your project turned out super cute! Have a great week!!!