Guns n' roses

Sorry about the lame title.  I couldn't help myself.  I used my glue GUN for these ROSES today (see why I couldn't help myself?)  for an upcoming project, it is a big one so I will probably make more than one post out of it.  Anyway here is how I did it.  First I decided I wanted a kinda small rose, I cut this strip of fabric at about 18 inches.  For a larger rose you just use longer pieces of fabric. 

then at the right side edge I folded the top down to the bottom like this

The next step is to fold the bottom half way up again.

Then twist is around so it looks like this.  Here is where I stop to apply a little dot of hot glue.

Then you want to rotate the flower(well what you have done for a flower.) and take the bottom up and over the top to fold it behind the flower.  Leaving it loose is much better, if you do it tight it just doesn't look right.  It is kinda hard to take a picture of this and do it at the same time. 
Every couple twists I add more glue, then at the end I glued the end towards the bottom of the flower.  There is a trick to it, and once you get it there is no going back.  I love these flowers!  Good luck!  I would love to see any that you make!!!


  1. I tried to make one of these at a Relief Society activity and I failed miserably. You've got talent, girlie! :)