The house. Part 1 of ?

This is going to be such a fun thing!  I am so excited about it and so are my girls.  Well the 10 year old is excited for her sisters... 

Anyway I saw these cute card table felt houses on Etsy.  She was charging about 200 dollars for one.  I don't have that kind of money!  BUT I do know where to by felt.   So I went to JoAnn's and bought a bunch of different colors. 

My 4 year old LOVES yellow, so that is what she choose.  I then brought it all home (about 30 dollars worth!!!) measured my card board table and cut out the lengths plus about an inch for seam allowance.  I then let it sit for about 3 months untouched because I got overwhelmed.... SO this is my "finish it now" post.  Well sort of, more of a "work on it again, hope to finish it this time" post.   

Here is what I have so far.

Apple tree and rose bush
  See I told you I made those fabric roses for a reason!  I hot glued them on, they are purely decorative.  I love them!  Oh I mean my girls love them. 

I would have to say that if you are going to "build" your child a house, assemble it first by sewing it, and then just hot glue everything on.  The reason for this is that while you work on all your details your child can be inside playing already!   I was serenaded the entire time I worked on this today by the 4 year old.   Monkey's jumping on the bed never sounded better!  She was happy and so was I!!!

A basket was added for storage for the apples, after they have been picked of course.

The 4 year old thinks this is HER house, and the 7 year old wants to come in sometimes.  I have to remind the 4 year old that I am making it for everyone.  She doesn't like that idea so much.  In her words "Mom yellow is MY color"  Glad they like it!

Here is the front door.  I have to add more details, but it is functional...

She really wanted a heart shaped door... I convinced her to have a heart window instead. I'm not quite sure how functional a heart shaped door would be.  Oh, I love my little dreamers!
close up of the mailbox

To make the mailbox I took some felt and folded in the sides then glued them down to form a pocket, then added a flap to the back with a little heart on it. 

Awww, it opens!

They LOVE the mailbox.  I highly recommend one if you are making a house! 

the cute little letters.
 These are just hot glued together, at first I was going to sew everything, but hot glue is so much faster! I thought I was patient, but I guess not THAT patient.  I was just going to do one layer of fabric, but these really needed two.   200 dollars is starting to look like a good option!  Ok, it is fun to make it just the way I (oh DARN IT)  I mean the girls want it.  And I have big plans for the inside... (Oh MAN) I mean THEY have big plans for the inside...  But that will have to be another post or 4...


  1. On the window's, did you sew two layers of fabric together? I'm worried they might rip.

  2. The window is three layers, I took two pieces of white and put one on either side of the yellow then glued them on, kinda like a sandwich... I plan on making the walls two layers thick as well, but that is for another post! :)